Central Medical Emergency Direction

Central Medical Emergency Direction (CMED)

Region II Communications System

What is CMED?

CMED (Central Medical Emergency Direction) relies on a network of radio towers set up strategically throughout Central Massachusetts (EMS Region II). Through these towers (see map) an ambulance can contact CMED via radio and request entry notification to a hospital of destination. This provides physician access and ensures that the emergency department is aware of the patient's pending arrival. CMED also plays an important role in coordinating EMS response to Mass Casualty Incidents and patient distribution from the scene to the hospital. CMED is crucial to the coordination of communications between ambulances and hospitals and ultimately contributes to optimal patient care.

Technical design

The Central Massachusetts EMS communications system consists of radio base stations (towers), microwave links and dedicated telephone lines controlled by computer operated consoles at the CMED operations facility. This system was designed to provide communications over a wide and varied geographic region while minimizing radio frequency congestion.

A standard ambulance radio and antenna operating on the UHF medical channels can access the system within the entire region with adequate communications quality. It's important to know the design limits of the system, and use appropriate equipment with the system in order to ensure satisfactory communications.

 CMED Operations Only: (508) 854-0100

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