Central Medical Emergency Direction

Priority Call Guidelines

PRIORITY ONE (Immediate Life Threatening)

Cardiac Arrest
Acute Pulmonary Edema
Unstable Cardiac
Respiratory Arrest
Major Head Injuries
Airway Obstruction
Multiple Trauma
Unstable GI Bleed


PRIORITY TWO (Life Threatening)

Suspected Cardiac
Unstable Medical (e.g., hypoglycemia)
Symptomatic Cervical Injuries
Coma (unknown etiology)
Suspected Fractures/Dislocations of Joints
Unstable Trauma


PRIORITY THREE (Non-Life Threatening)

Stable trauma:
Minor Lacerations and Soft Tissue Injuries
Suspected Minor Fracture without Circulatory or Nervous System Compromise
 Other Non-Acute Medical Complaints



Interagency Transfers
Direct Admissions


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