Blanket Approval Number Notification

Notify CMEMSC & OEMS when holding a course under a blanket approval number...

Program Coordinators/Instructors who have received a blanket approval number for a continuing education course must notify OEMS and the Region at least 2 weeks prior to scheduling a course under that approval number1. When you submit this form, notification is sent to OEMS and Region II simultaneously.

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1 OEMS Memo: EMS Continuing Education and Refresher Course Monitoring;  Blanket Approvals Date/Time/Location Notification.

105 CMR 170.960(F) Prior to receipt of Department approval for a training  program pursuant to 105 CMR 170.960(A), no nonaccredited training provider shall:

  1. Advertise such a training program as approved by the Department
  2. Accept applications from prospective students
  3. Conduct any classes for such a training program

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