Central Mass EMS Corp.    CMEMSC OFFICE: (508) 854-0111   |   CMED 24/7 Phone: 508-854-0100

CMEMSC Bylaws: The Board of Directors shall number not less than eighteen nor more than twenty-five

(25) of the Corporation's Members. The Board will be comprised of the officers of the Corporation, the Chairpersons of the standing committees, the Executive Director of CMEMSC, and the Medical Director, with the balance being made up of "at large" Board Members. At least two (2) of the Board members shall be from each of the five (5) designated EMS areas in Region II.


Name Affiliation Term Begins
Executive Director Tina Dixson, NRAEMT CMEMSC N/A
Regional Medical Director John Braoch, MD CMEMSC N/A
Immediate Past President John Broach, MD UMMHC N/A



Paul Normandin 

Southbridge Fire


Vice President

Colby Fiske

West Boylston



William McElhiney




Donna Auger



Committee Chairs

Medical Services

Andy Marino, MD MRMC 2017

EMS Training & Education

Timothy Kelly, AEMT

Devens Fire


MCI Planning

Eric Otterson, PA

Umass Memorial-Health Alliance Hospital



Joseph Flanagan

Boylston Fire Dept. (First Responder)


Legislation & Community Relations

Rick Ellbeg

West Boylston

Board Members
Name Affiliation Term Expires
Adam Darnobid, MD Athol Memorial Hospital 2020
Andy Marino, MD Harrington Hospital 2020
Colby Fiske, EMT-P West Boylston Fire 2020
Paul Normandin, Chief Southbridge Fire 2020
Rebecca Collette, RN St. Vincent Hospital 2020
Timothy Kelly, Deputy Chief Devens Fire 2020
William McElhiney Mass State Police 2020
Christine Buckley moved out of state St. Vincent Hospital 2021
David Hurlbut, Chief Sterling Fire 2021
Donna Auger, Paramedic Milford Regional Medical Center 2021
Eric Otterson, PA UMass Memorial-Health Alliance 2021
Gretchen Nahkala, EMT Oakham Fire 2021
Joseph Flanagan, Chief Boylston Fire 2021
Michael Hunter, Paramedic UMass Memorial Life Flight 2021
Ryan Shaughnessy Zoll EMS  2022
William Dino, NRP Princeton Fire 2022
Robert Bourque, NRP MedStar Ambulance 2022
Dan Hehir, NRP Westborough Fire 2022
Martin Scott, NRP Townsend Fire 2022
Richard Ellbeg, RN West Boylston Fire 2022
David Smith, NRP Franklin Fire 2022
James Courtney, DO Milford Regional Medical Center 2022


105 CMR 170.103(D) Regional Council Membership & Meetings:

(1) Each Council shall be established through a fair and open selection process. It shall be structured so as to reflect equitably the entire geographic region, as well as the interests of the component entities of the EMS system. The Council shall be made up of at least ten persons, but no more than 35 members. At minimum, the Council shall have the following representation:

(a) one representing local governments;

(b) one designated by a hospital;

(c) one designated by a fire suppression service;

(d) one designated by a primary ambulance service;

(e) one designated by a law enforcement agency;

(f) one of whom is a licensed practicing physician with regular and frequent involvement in the provision of emergency care;

(g) one of whom is an emergency care nurse;

(h) one of whom is an EMT;

(i) one of whom is designated by an EMS first response service; and

(j) one of whom is a consumer

(2) Council membership shall reflect fairly and equitably representation from each geographic area throughout the region.

(3) Meetings shall be held with sufficient frequency to ensure execution of duties and functions and to ensure that adequate information is transmitted to and from the organizations, groups, professions, occupations, services, and/or disciplines and consumers represented by the respective Council members.

(4) All meetings, whether held separately or in conjunction with the Regional EMS Council, at which the business of the Council or Councils is conducted, shall be held as required by, and in conformance with M.G.L. c. 30A, § 11A, the open meeting law.