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Mass General Law / EMS Regulations FAQ's

Q: When does the Privacy Rule allow covered entities to disclose protected health information to law enforcement officials?

A: This issue is covered by federal regulations, not state. Click here for full answer.

EMS Protocols & Scope of Practice FAQ's

 Q: I work for a service that spends far too much time on scene and worse yet, they have sometimes delayed transport to wait for ALS! Is there anything in the protocols that relates to delaying patient transport?

General Medical / Equipment FAQ's

Q:  Where can I find the ambulance equipment lists and ALS medication list?

A:  The BLS Equipment List (AR 5-401) and ALS Equipment List (AR 5-402) is posted on our Administrative Requirements Table of Contents page. (The ALS medication list is an OEMS memo, not an AR, but it's posted under the ALS Equpment List for convenience).

EMT Cert / Ambulance Licensure FAQ's

Q: I'm a paramedic, but not working at that level. Who signs off on my training?

A: Paramedics not working at the paramedic level fall into one of 4 categories:

Point of Entry Plans FAQ's

Q: Which are the Level 1 Trauma Centers in Region 2?

A: UMass is the only ACS (American College of Surgeons) verified Level 1 Trauma Center in Region II. View details

Training FAQ's

Q:  Why should I make sure I receive an instructor signed completion certificate for a course I complete outside my own service? -or-

Why, as an instructor, do I have to provide a signed completion certificate to students outside my own service?

Staffing FAQ's

Q: Is there a maximum number of non-certified EMTs (e.g., observers/First Responders) that can be on an ambulance at any given time? 

A: The number is limited to service policy but may not exceed the number of seatbelts to which these individuals can be safely restrained without interfering with patient care.

Documentation / Refusals FAQ's

Q: How soon do I have to leave a patient care report (PCR) at the hospital?

A: Under 105 CMR 170.345(B): Each trip record shall be prepared contemporaneously with or as soon as practicable after, the EMS call that it documents. Under 105 CMR 170.345 (C) of the EMS regulations, EMTs who transport a patient to the hospital must deliver the trip record at the time of transportApproved Service Zone Plans for each town also stipulate the trip record procedure that must be followed for all services operating within the town.

National / Federal Requirements FAQ's

Q: When does the Privacy Rule allow covered entities to disclose protected health information to law enforcement officials?

A: The Privacy Rule is balanced to protect an individual’s privacy while allowing important law enforcement functions to continue. Click here for full answer.

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