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CPR / BLS Instructors FAQ's

Q: What is the acceptable MA protocol for an AHA First Aid trained rescuer regarding administration of aspirin to someone with chest pain?

A: MA EMS protocol doesn’t cover lay rescuers trained in First Aid. Where aspirin is an over-the-counter drug (not like oxygen which is a controlled substance), it is included in the AHA First Aid training. Bear in mind though, that it is not for aspirin administration, it’s an aspirin recommendation:

General Miscellaneous FAQ's

 Q: How much money can you make as an EMT or Paramedic?

A: According to the US Department of Labor; Bureau of Labor Statistics: "Earnings of EMTs and paramedics depend on the employment setting and geographic location as well as the individual's training and experience.


See EMS Instructor Resources / Information for EMS Instructors for MOLST Training Resources

Q:  What is the “Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment” form ?

A:  Written instructions on a medical order form about life-sustaining medical treatments from a clinician (physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant) to other health professionals (e.g. nurses, EMTs), based on the patient's own preferences.

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