Q: How much money can you make as an EMT or Paramedic?

A: According to the US Department of Labor; Bureau of Labor Statistics: "Earnings of EMTs and paramedics depend on the employment setting and geographic location as well as the individual's training and experience.

Q:  Who should make the decision as to when an EMT should enter a motor vehicle that is potentially unstable?

An EMT needs to ensure scene safety prior to attempting patient care.  Consultation with trained professionals who deal with stabilization of vehicles should be made prior to proceeding.  This discussion should include conerns the EMT may have so the individual(s) responsible for stabilization can address these concerns.  Although any EMS situation is "potentially" unstaable, the EMT must use his/her own judgment based on the risks associated as well as the expertise of allied professionals specific to the situation (e.g., police, fire, hazardous materials technicians, electricians, psychiatrists). Ultimately, the EMT is responsible for the decision s/he makes regarding scene safety and needs to be prepared to document in detail the factors and information that contributed to the decision.

Q: How do I get a replacement EMT card, or notify OEMS of a name and/or address change?

A: Name changes or requests for a duplicate card may be made by completing and submitting  the OEMS Form.

 Address updates may be completed by individual EMTs on the eLicensing website

Q: I noticed you sell EMS related items.  Can I go to your location to look at what you have available and buy them there instead of sending in the mail-order form?

A: Yes; you are welcome to stop at our office to view/purchase EMS items. We are open Monday-Friday 8 am-4:00 pm.  We accept major credit cards, cash, check, and Venmo.

Q: I have 2 crew members who responded to a 6 month old with some "alarming" injuries. They filed a 51A, as did the ED staff. Our local police were notified and they are now asking one of my crew to go to the police department to give a detailed statement. What should we do?

A: The EMT should comply with the police request in this case since it is now part of an investigation.

Q: I know with children and the elderly we are required to file a report when abuse is suspected, but what if a police officer asks an EMT to let them know if a patient who is not a child or elderly that s/he has been a victim of domestic violence?

A: The EMT would need to ask permission of the patient to pass that on to the police.

Q: On a 911 response, once the EMTs have determined that the patient needs to be transported to a hospital ED; may the crew choose to transport the patient without the use of emergency lights and sirens?

A: Refer to the state EMS protocols Routine Patient Care (Section 1.0): “Use of lights and sirens should be justified by the need for immediate medical intervention that is beyond the capabilities of the ambulance crew using available supplies and equipment.” Transporting stable patients without lights and sirens in the normal flow of traffic is the safest means of transport for patient, crew, and public.

Q: What types of call information is acceptable to give to newspapers for police blotter columns.

A: Response address.

Q: What is the average billing rate for an ambulance transport in MA?

A: Reimbursement rates for ambulance services vary depending on insurance companies, but a good reference point is the rate set by the state for individuals receiving publicly aided coverage. These rates are listed in 114.3 CMR 27.00 Section 27.03 "General Rate Provisions and Maximum Fees"

Q: Does the region ever acknowledge years of service from its EMT's and Paramedic's? After 20 years of certification as a Nationally Registered EMT or Paramedic they send you a very nice certificate.

A: The Region does not have a database of EMTs working in Region II with the length of time they've been certified so we are unable to issue milestone recognition certificates. We do accept nominations for EMS Outstanding Performance Recognition awards which are presented each year at our annual meeting held on the first Tuesday of May.

Q: Are both EMTs eligible for a stork pin when the ambulance crew attends to a childbirth or is the pin limited to the EMT who provided patient care?

A: There is no set rule about the stork pin. Since both EMTs are responsible for patient care, both can wear the pin.

EMS Outstanding Performance Recognition nominations

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