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On-line Medical Direction refers to radio or telephone communication with a medical control physician for patient management consultation.

EMTs at all levels may request CMED facilitated medical control when indicated per protocol or when medical advice is needed. Medical control contact must be documented on the patient care report and the physician's signature must be obtained.

Medical Control is considered priority traffic and the request should be made in your initial hailing of CMED.


Medical Control Guidelines:


Contact Worcester CMED on MED Channel 4: "Worcester CMED, Worcester CMED from (Serivce Name and #), requesting priority (1,2 or 3 ALS/BLS) medical control from (Hospital Name)."

CMED will direct you to a MED Channel; switch to that channel and acknowledge: “(Service Name & # on MED 2, 5, 22, 62, etc)”

CMED will use medical control tone.

Doctor will respond with their last name. Confirm they can hear you.This is (Service Name) How do you Copy?”

“This is (EMT/Advanced/Paramedic & last name) enroute with an (age) year old (male/female) complaining of (chief complaint). Briefly provide pertinent information regarding patient’s condition, including vital signs and current treatment. End with order being requested.

Wait for Physician to respond. They may ask questions then approve or deny the order.

Echo Physician approval or denial of orders including amounts if given.

Listen for Physician corrections and if none made, ask CMED to clear from the MED channel: “CMED, permission to return to MED 4?”

CMED will acknowledge request if not committed to other traffic.

Clear to MED 4 if CMED does not respond after five seconds and briefly note your return to MED 4: “(Service) back on MED 4”

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