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The Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services (Department), has identified several concerning issues in the field regarding defibrillator pad incompatibility, with pads not being used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. This results in the inability to deliver therapy across all age and weight ranges and has particularly been a problem for pediatric use. Please see the attached Memorandum, highlighting the problems. This issue has been noted during ambulance inspections and cited as a deficiency. CLICK HERE

The most recent COVID related memorandums from OEMS and MDPH can be found below:

Updated PPE Guidance

Extension of Temporary Certifications until June 30, 2022, unless extended or rescinded

Encouragement for Volunteer and Municipal ambulance services to perform IFT

Limiting the use of EMT's for COVID-19 swab testing or vaccination sites

The UMass University campus has been working on a new flow for the ED, and this is also going to affect the EMS traffic coming into the ED. Please review this document.

Note that the Pediatric portion states that registration will take place in the Ambulance Bay, but it is referring to the flow/registration area, not outside in the actual bay.

Region II CMED is currently hiring a per-diem operator. If you are looking to put your EMT skills to use in a comfortable yet fast-paced environment, click here to fill out an application and learn more about what it takes to be the voice of Worcester CMED.

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Suspending Advisory 20-12-01 and issuing Advisory 21-09-02

In response to the critical delay in delivery of new ambulance vehicles due to the microprocessor shortage that became acute since March 2021, and the increasing need for remounted ambulances in a short timeframe, the Department has at this time suspended Advisory 20-12-01 for 24 months, and in the interim, issues the following, which is in effect as of today in place of Advisory 20-12-01:

In response to questions about documentation requirements for 12-lead competency for Paramedics, OEMS has released the Updated Advisory 21-09-01: Ensuring Paramedic Competency in 12-Lead ECG Interpretation. The requirements have not changed. The changes are better clarification of the documentation that is needed regarding training.

Click to read the Updated Advisory 21-09-01: Ensuring Paramedic Competency in 12-Lead ECG Interpretation

The Commonwealth lifted COVID-19 restrictions on May 29, 2021, while maintaining necessary COVID-19 prevention and mitigation measures in certain settings, including in health care settings. Health care providers should continue to adhere to all applicable service, program, or sector-specific guidance available on the state COVID-19 guidance website:


The general health care provider guidance has been updated since it was first released on June 14, 2021 to clarify the limited situations where staff may not need to wear masks; it may be found on the website and is also attached to this message. 

Thank you for your continued support and care of your patients during this unprecedented time.

Reminder: CMEMSC has fit test kits available to Region II services at no cost. If your service could benefit from this, contact the director.

The Department encourages you to review the following resources for additional up-to-date information on COVID-19 in Massachusetts: 

CMEMSC recently partnered with FirstNet, bringing the latest technology to our team, and ensuring that equipment investments that benefit the Region's EMS Responders are protected.  Read more HERE in this joint CMEMSC and FirstNet media release.

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