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Clinical Parking Lot Improvements:  UPCOMING PROJECT Maps

UMass University Campus construction project began on Monday June 10 and is expected to continue for 6 months.  It will have varying degrees of impact on ambulance traffic-ED access.

Phase 2 of the UMass Memorial University campus parking lot project at the ER entrance is beginning Phase 2 of the UMass Memorial University campus parking lot project at the ER entrance is beginning onMonday August 5th.  The traffic pattern will change, and several ambulance parking spots will be impacted.  As you travel up the driveway to the Ambulance bay from North Road, you will be able to continue straight just as you did prior to the beginning of the project.  At the top of the driveway you will need to turn left prior to some project fencing that will be in place.  The fencing that will be in place will be blocking the first 4 ambulance spots on the west side of the ambulance dock.  Those spots will remain fenced off until the completion of phase 2 which will take approximately 30-45 days.  With that area fenced off, we will lose access to the ramp at that end of the dock as well.  There will be a temporary ramp in place in one of the ambulance bays that we are losing for parking that will accommodate wheeled and pedestrian traffic.  The door in to the hallway at the West end of the dock that is often used for non-emergent ambulance traffic (transfers and discharges, etc.) will still be open and accessible.Due to losing those 4 spots at the dock, we requested, and they agreed that the entire lot at the ambulance entrance side of the ER be reserved for ambulance purposes only.  What that means is that all parking spots to include those facing the power plant and those facing the lake will be for ambulances only.  The only passenger vehicles allowed to park in that area during phase 2 will be trauma surgeons responding to an emergent case.  There will be a uniformed UMass police officer staged at the bottom  of the driveway at North road turning away passenger car traffic from entering the driveway.  This phase should be completed by mid-September.  We are asking that during this 4-6 week time frame, that there be no lingering in that lot.  We are asking that all ambulance crews do their business at UMass and then clear out of the lot / bays when able to do so.The construction company and UMass personnel have been exceptionally responsive to our needs, and we promised to do everything we can to give them the space to complete the project as quickly as possible and return to normal.  Please be mindful of the construction crews who are working hard tocomplete this project.  It is a work in progress and we will adjust as experience dictates.