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November 3, 2020, the Commissioner of Public Health has issued an Order, under her authority pursuant to M.G.L. c. 94C, § 7(g) and 105 CMR 700.003(H) of the Drug Control Program (DCP) regulations, to temporarily enlarge the pool of authorized vaccinators to include all paramedics working in conjunction with their ambulance services (not only those working for Department-approved mobile integrated health (MIH) and community EMS programs (CEMS)) for administration of flu vaccine only, to those age 3 and older. Her Order also extends this temporary authorization to medical students and nursing students.

Ambulance services and the paramedics who are authorized under this Order may administer vaccine in accordance the Order, the DCP guidance under this Order, as well as the Special Protocol issued today for this limited-period flu vaccine administration authority only. (Note that MIH and CEMS paramedics are authorized by 105 CMR 700.003(A)(4) to administer flu and other vaccines as determined by the Department to persons 18 and older, and they do so in accordance with their MIH or CEMS program’s medical director’s protocols for such vaccine administration. For MIH and CEMS paramedics, this Order applies to enable them to now administer flu vaccine to persons 3 years and older.)

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