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OEMS issued the Statewide Treatment Protocols v. 2022.1 (2022 STPs), as well as the updated Administrative Requirements (ARs) 5-401 BLS Equipment List and 5-402 ALS Equipment List, and the updated Required Medications on Ambulances, now as AR 5-400.  The updates to the ARs and medication lists reflect current practices and conform to the 2022 STPs.

Timeline for implementation: Ambulance services have until June 1, 2022, to be equipped in accordance with the ARs, and to train their EMS personnel in the updates to the Statewide Treatment Protocols. As soon as services have completed this transition, they may begin providing care in accordance with the new STPs and equip and stock their ambulances in accordance with the updated ARs 5-400, 5-401 and 5-402, but in all cases must conform to these ARs and the 2022 STPs by no later than June 1, 2022.

The 5 MA Regional Councils are working together on training materials to facilitate this. Services may also create their own training. Any training should have an exam to measure comprehension.

You can find these documents on the OEMS website, at the following links:

Statewide Treatment Protocols v. 2022.1 

Memo and Change Chart for 2022 STPs      

Updated AR 5-400        

Updated AR 5-401             

Updated AR 5-402

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