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Corporate Members

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The membership for Central Massachusetts Emergency Medical Systems Corporation is outlined within the CMEMSC Bylaws of CMEMSC.

Powers and Duties:

1. To elect the following at the Annual Meeting from those persons who have been nominated by the Nominating Committee or from the floor:

1. The Board of Directors (this is the regional EMS council as defined in MGL Chap. 111C Section 4)

2. The Officers of the Corporation; and

3. The Chairpersons of each of the five standing committees, and

2. To attend the annual and any special meetings duly called.

3. To receive any reports and act on same when within the powers defined in these Bylaws.4. To do any other lawful acts in pursuit of the Corporation's purpose.


The membership shall meet not less than annually at the call of the secretary. The Annual Meeting shall be held on the first Tuesdayof May each year (or, if that is a holiday, on the second Tuesday of May). If the Annual Meeting is not held in accordance with theforegoing provisions, a special meeting may be held in place thereof with all the force and effect of an annual meeting.

1. The presence of forty (40) members shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of opening a meeting and conductingbusiness.

2. Any motion duly made and seconded at a meeting duly called at which there is a quorum shall be carried by a majority voteof those members present and voting.

3. Special meetings may be called by the President or his designee, or upon a petition to the Secretary by ten or moreMembers.

4. The meeting notice shall be mailed to each Member not less than one week prior to the meeting (except in the case ofemergency meetings) and shall describe the date, time, place and agenda of the meeting.

5. Voting by proxy shall not be permitted.Designation:Each institution (town or hospital), or service desiring to designate a Member shall so indicate by written notice to the CorporationSecretary. (Designations are not updated or changed until we receive a letter from the designating authority.)


Each institution (town or hospital), or service desiring to designate a Member shall so indicate by written notice to the Corporation Secretary.  (Designations are not updated or changed until we receive a letter from the designating authority.)

Update your Corporate member designees by using the following template letters:

Sample Town/First Responder Letter

Sample, Ambulance Service Letter

Sample, Hospital Letter

Sample, Other Organization

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