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The Legislation and Community Relations Committee is responsible for ensuring that appropriate legislation is promoted at the

state and federal levels to enhance the promulgation of effective EMS systems; for ensuring that the public is aware of what EMS is, how to access it, and what system should be implemented in their community to ensure that victims are treated and transported in an appropriate and clinically acceptable manner; for coordinating with other committees where appropriate to ensure completion of established goals.

Are you interested in participating in this committee? Email the chair with your interest. The committee is currently establishing its schedule and welcomes new input.

Chair: Rick Ellbeg

All meetings are held at CMEMSC in compliance with M.G.L. Chapter 30A: Section 18-25 (the open meeting law) and follow Parliamentary Procedures.

Next Meeting: March 21, 2023-Agenda

 EMS-Related Legislation for 2023 (Name added as clearer description)

 HD150 OD restraint and tx  HD1561 SSoc AHA
 HD2609 Bystander CPR Reportable Disease  HD3484 Task Force EMS Sustainability
 HD3992 HIV testing access  SD481 SSoC MHA
 SD551 Leave without pay loss  SD561 Survivor benefits
 SD709 Change definition to Public Safety  SD838 EMS oversight Regions
 SD2060 Stroke data repporting  


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