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To coordinate the planning, development, implementation, operation and evaluation of an

 Emergency Medical Services System for the Central Massachusetts Area.

As used herein, the term Emergency Medical Services is construed to mean all emergency care for general medical, surgical and psychiatric problems.

Emergency services encompass communications, care delivered at the scene, in transit to an appropriate emergency facility, and in the facility itself by physicians and/or other trained health care, specialists.

Within the context of the delivery of health care services, the emergency medical services system comprises transportation, communications, medical services, research, education, training and an ongoing program of evaluation.

Evaluation includes designing and establishing professional standards and guidelines for the operation of an emergency medical services system in Central Massachusetts.

COVID-19 Information

With the increase of COVID cases and flu-like illness, we reopened this section to allow you to quickly find the latest guidance and documentation for the state and CDC. The documents below are labeled as they are released but also include the release date and a brief summary of changes or indications to aid your search for current information.

Feel free to contact the office if you have any questions regarding the orders and how they affect your agency; 508-854-0111.

Document Title & Link  Release Date Summary
COVID-19 Guidance for All Healthcare Providers and Organizations  1/3/2022 Updated PPE, return to work, and safety guidelines for all healthcare workers
Isolation and Quarantine Guidance for Health Care Personnel  12/29/2021 Shortened quarantine & isolation timeframes. Read carefully, different guidelines for acute care hospital staff than EMS and others.
2021.13-licensure-extension-order  11/29/2021 Extension for temporary licenses and certifications thru 6/30/22; includes EMT
Comprehensive PPE Guidance 1/21/2022 Updated PPE guidance for all HCP; includes need for fit testing, cloth facemasks not used in healthcare setting
EMT's for COVID-19 swab testing or vaccination sites  11/16/2021 Guidance to discourage the use of EMTs at vaccination and testing sites due to limited personnel
Volunteer and Municipal ambulance services  11/12/2021  Allowance of IFT by volunteer and municipal ambulances with proper training



Region II Reponder Newsletter

2022 Issues

Volume 3; Issue No. 1. January/February 2022

2021 Issues

Volume 2; Issue No. 10. December 2021

Volume 2; Issue No. 9. November 2021

Volume 2; Issue No. 8. October 2021

Volume 2; Issue No. 7. September 2021

Volume 2; Issue No. 6. August 2021

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Volume 2; Issue No. 4. May 2021

Volume 2; Issue No. 3. April 2021

Volume 2; Issue No. 2. March 2021

Volume 2; Issue No. 1. February 2021



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