Central Mass EMS Corp.    CMEMSC OFFICE: (508) 854-0111   |   CMED 24/7 Phone: 508-854-0100

To coordinate the planning, development, implementation, operation and evaluation of an

 Emergency Medical Services System for the Central Massachusetts Area.

As used herein, the term Emergency Medical Services is construed to mean all emergency care for general medical, surgical and psychiatric problems.

Emergency services encompass communications, care delivered at the scene, in transit to an appropriate emergency facility, and in the facility itself by physicians and/or other trained health care specialists.

Within the context of delivery of health care services, the emergency medical services system comprises transportation, communications, medical services, research, education, training and an ongoing program of evaluation.

Evaluation includes designing and establishing professional standards and guidelines for the operation of an emergency medical services system in Central Massachusetts.


Region II Reponder Newsletter

Volume 2; Issue No. 3. April 2021

Volume 2; Issue No. 2. March 2021

Volume 2; Issue No. 1. February 2021


2020 Issues

Volume 1; Issue No. 11. December 2020

Volume 1; Issue No. 10. November 2020

Volume 1; Issue No. 9. October 2020

Volume 1; Issue No. 8. September 2020

Volume 1; Issue No. 7. August 2020

Volume 1; Issue No. 6. July 2020

Volume 1; Issue No. 5, May/June 2020

Volume 1; Issue No. 4, April 2020

Volume 1; Issue No. 3, March 2020

Volume 1; Issue No. 2, February 2020

Volume 1; Issue No. 1, January 2020


COVID-19 Information

To aid our partners in finding the most up to date COVID-10 guidance, we have listed all of the EMS related documents here to make them easier to find. Note: all of these documents are currently listed on the mass.gov website under the COVID-19 Updates.

MEMO Summarizing Emergency Measures Relating to EMS Due to COVID-19 Outbreak
 COVID-19 Protocol  1st Responder Expiration Extension
 Course & Exam Suspension  AR 2-317 Update
 COVID FEMA Assistance Guidance  MEMA COVID Cost Tracking
 Healthcare Worker Exposure Memo  March 14, 2020 EMS Guidance
 COVID Unprotected Exposure  Patient at Risk for COVID-19 Protocol 1.2
 NIOSH N95 Expiration Extension  LBOH Order Sharing of COVID address
 COVID Emergency Waivers  CPR/ACLS Expiration Extension
 AR 2-353 Recertification Extension advanced  AR 2-248 Recertification Extension basic
 AR2-212 EMT Con-ed Standards Extensions  Temporary Waiver of Annual Fit Test
ADVISORY 20-06-01,Extension of CPR and ACLS Expirations
ADVISORY 20-06-02, Lifting of Suspension, Clinical and Field Internship
Workplace Safety Standards
NREMT DE limits lifted for the 2021 recertification season