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Chapter 149: Section 177B Volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians; responding to emergencies; discharge from other employment.

105 CMR 172.000 Regulating the Reporting of Infectious Diseases Dangerous to Public Health.

Chapter 111: Section 111C. Unprotected Exposure.

Chapter 119: Section 51A. Injured Children Reports.

Chapter 123: Section 12. Emergency Restraint/dangerous persons.

Chapter 123: Section 21. Transport of Mentally ill/Restraint.

Chapter 111C. Section 18. Restraint of Patient/Written Report.

Chapter 19A: Section 15. Reports of Abuse/Liability.

Chapter 265: Section 13I. Assault on EMT.

Chapter 89: Section 7. Right of Way/Emergency Vehicles 

Chapter 89: Section 7A. Restrictions/Approach of Emergency Vehicles.

Chapter 89: Section 7B. Operation of Emergency Vehicles.

Chapter 89: Section 7C. "Move Over Law".

Chapter 90: Section 16A. Stopped Vehicle Time limit.

Chapter 111C: Section 17. Transport of Children/Ambulance.

Chapter 111C: Section 20. Medical Control/limited liability.

Chapter 111C: Section 21. EMS Good Faith/limited liability.

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