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Quality Assurance

FEMA: Handbook for EMS Medical Directors

The position of an emergency medical services (EMS) agency medical director allows the opportunity for a physician to become engaged in the unique and ever-evolving realm of out-of-hospital care, a clinical practice offering a distinct set of challenges, and rewarding impacts in improving a community’s emergency medical care abilities.

Quality Assurance/Improvement

Below are samples and other resources for Quality Assurance.

ALS/BLS Affiliation Agreement Template

Effective July 1, 2016, ambulance services licensed at the BLS level will be required to have a written contract (called an Affiliation Agreement) with a hospital licensed to provide medical control.

NAEMSP-ACEP: Guide for Preparing Medical Directors

The purpose of this guide is to aid the State EMS offices and experienced medical directors with their preparation of a one-day course for potential medical directors. This guide

Region 2 Med Agreement template

This template is for ALS services wishing to enter into an agreement with a hospital OTHER than their Affiliate Hospital for the purpose of obtaining medications. This document WILL NOT meet the requirements for the ALS Affiliation Agreement. See separate template for that purpose.

Region 2 BLS MOA template

 In accordance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Regulations 105 CMR 170.330 (C): Each Service that has its EMS personnel administer any medications authorized by and in accordance with the Statewide Treatment Protocols shall maintain a current

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