Q: Which are the Level 1 Trauma Centers in Region 2?

A: UMass is the only ACS (American College of Surgeons) verified Level 1 Trauma Center in Region II. View details


Q: While working near the state border, can we transport a STEMI or CVA patient to an appropriate facility (for example, one with an interventional cath lab) out of state?

A: STEMI patients must be transported according to MDPH approved Regional Point-of-Entry Plans which may include out-of state hospitals.

CVA (Stroke) patients should be transported to a Massachusetts Primary Stroke Service (PSS) since there are specific MA requirements not met by out-of-state hospitals.  Refer to the state's Designated Primary Stroke Services Hospitals list.


Q: When can we expect approved Point-of-Entry plans from the Department (MDPH/OEMS) so we can legitimize what we are presently doing in the field? (Selective transport for trauma, cardiac, burns, and other specialties?)

A: These plans have already been approved.  The Point of Entry Plans for Trauma (burns are included in trauma), StrokeSTEMI (ST Elevated Myocardial Infarction) and Need-Based Conditions are located on our website under the menu title of "CMED".

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