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The CMEMSC Instructor Renewal classes are offered to our CPR Instructors to not only meet their renewal criteria* but to offer AHA

update clarification, teaching guidance and an oppurtunity to network with other AHA professionals. 


CMEMSC aligned AHA Instructors may renew their status by meeting the following criteria:

  1. Teach a minimum of four (4) courses in two years
  2. Maintain BLS status as evidenced by current BLS card OR demonstrate acceptable BLS skills and successful completion (84% or greater) of the written BLS exam**
  3. Complete an update/review on new AHA information with the TC (if applicable)

-AND- one of the following

  1. Provide documentation that teaching ability was monitored by TC Faculty 
  2. Attend an Instructor Renewal class (held quarterly at CMEMSC, view calendar for dates)
  3. One on one interview, written exam and skills demonstration at CMEMSC

  • If deficiencies in content knowledge, skills performance, or teaching ability are noted, the Instructor may require remediation.
  • Instructors must repeat the initial Instructor recognition process if renewal criteria are not satisfied within the card expiration period.
  • It is the instructor's responsibility to keep track of his/her renewal date!

*  Source: AHA Program Administration Manual

** Renewal class will also cover this requirement.

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