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Beginning with 2017 expirations: Distributive education* (including online credits) is limited to 1/3 of all credits in the National (NCCR) category, and NO credits may be taken online in the Local category. All of the Individual category hours may be completed online.

The following courses may be applied to the Individual Continued Competency Requirments (ICCR) under the National Registry's Continued Competency Program.

These courses may not have an OEMS approval number! All courses must have either OEMS or CAPCE (formerly CECBEMS) approval to count toward your training requirements for recertification. Contact the online provider or submit the completion certificate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request "special credit" well in advance of your certification deadline.

Home Base -offers free courses to help EMTs better serve returning veterans (CAPCE approved)

The Emergency Medical Services Academy at the UNM (CAPCE approved)

Boundtree Univeristy (CAPCE approved) FEMA/NIMS training (Only some of these are eligible; Refer to last page of AR2-212 for OEMS approval numbers)

Provide the completion certificate to your Training Officer as evidence of completion.  Keep a copy of the completion certificate for your own records and remember to enter the credits into either the National Registry website or the massemt.org site depending on your status.

*The National Registry defines distributive education as an educational activity in which the learner, the instructor, and the educational materials are not all present in the same place at the same time.

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